zoar2022/01/25 07:28

A game that starts


Sugarcoating your lies

More than you can define

Live life in good time

Puzzle slice was on line

Whether you want me to die

But you can't seek my life

Giving you a good time

Then you cut me in your line

You make a cut deeper

Your actions want it sooner

My heart got freeze in that moment

It's getting colder

So I always catch the heat

To stop the bleeding

You just lost your meat

Now you're all I think

We can play as long as you want

We'll be in jail like a song in your heart

Can't break the chain, you lost your trap

And then you'll see your happiness just pop

I'm the thousand mirrors in your facial creatures

Made you look in a different features

You hug me together thinking that you can fix what you've missing

But this wounds can't be heal once it's broken


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