My mom my pride

Becky2022/01/24 15:05

My mom is courageous shes a victim of making a wrong decision in marriage she's a victim of domestic violence in marriage she strived day and night just to see that her kids feed not just her kids including the man who violated her domestically everyday she lived in pain and bitterness every day coming back from work only to get beaten for no reason from the same person that claimed to love her after all the bumps and runs her kids finally put a little smile on my face cause we are all grown up now striving for her but it's not enough guys currently she's sick she has arthritis now guys😞which affected her legs she needs to be treated guys that's why I work so hard here to earn money for her treatment yes I love writing but I do this for my mother's sake too guys Currently I badly need your help guys support me with as little as you can a Little tip will do thank you guys all I need is about ten satoshi it will be more than enough guys I got 4 now I need six more thanks guys ❤️❤️

My world in a human form my mother I love u mom❤️❤️ Please support this aspirations writer that need support thank you guys love you ❤️❤️❤️


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