Raising your power of observance: The Art of getting Un-busy

Greatdorlin Wisdom2022/01/24 01:15
Raising your power of observance: The Art of getting Un-busy

Raising your power of observation

The Art of getting Un-Busy

I promised earlier that I will create a post about this and this is it, get ready for value.

It's 6:00am I should have gotten up by 5:00am. So I quickly get up, brush my teeth, take my bath and get running to work.

When I woke up I didn't notice the rising of the sun, I didn't notice the chirping birds, I didn't notice the leafs flying allround that was raised by the winds.

All my focus was get to work, work, work, work. So I recycle the same lifestyle over and over again.

I have actually forgotten the essence of life, all I care about is get to work, rush off.

I didn't even notice the woman that was on the road shouting buy bread! buy bread!.

All I care about is my work, my job, money. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is most of us life everyday.

Rush, rush, rush.

If the early morning sun wasn't important do you think it will be there, do you think if the chirping of the birds of the bird wasn't needed it will be there.

Nature IS to be enjoyed, to teach us lessons.

The chirping of the birds could mean something to you That day but busyness drives you.

Am busy, am busy, am busy.

You do not observe your environment. You do not care to learn what the barking dog could represent.

You just focus on work, money, business.

Forgetting that this ecosystem you refuse to pay attention to creates the money.

From trees➡To paper➡to money.

Nature still has an effect on the creation of what you seek.

Learn to observe your environment the slightest thing can pass a message.

you can start the practice today.

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