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A Companion to Wong Kar-wai by Martha P. Nochimson

  • A Companion to Wong Kar-wai

  • Martha P. Nochimson

  • Page: 648

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9781118424247

  • Publisher: Wiley

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With 25 essays that embrace a wide spectrum of topics and perspectives including intertextuality, transnationality, gender representation, repetition, the use of music, color, and sound, depiction of time and space in human affairs, and Wong’s highly original portrayal of violence, A Companion to Wong Kar-Wai is a singular examination of the prestigious filmmaker known around the world for the innovation, beauty, and passion he brings to filmmaking. Brings together the most cutting edge, in-depth, and interesting scholarship on arguably the greatest living Asian filmmaker, from a multinational group of established and rising film scholars and critics Covers a huge breadth of topics such as the tradition of the jianghu in Wong's films; queering Wong's films not in terms of gender but through the artist's liminality; the phenomenological Wong; Wong's intertextuality; America through Wong's eyes; the optics of intensities, thresholds, and transfers of energy in Wong's cinema; and the diasporic presence of some ladies from Shanghai in Wong's Hong Kong Examines the political, historical, and sociological influence of Wong and his work, and discusses his work from a variety of perspectives including modern, post-modern, postcolonial, and queer theory Includes two appendices which examine Wong’s work in Hong Kong television and commercials

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landscape has been sorely missing the presence of Wong Kar-wai. to Chungking Express, 2046 exists as a companion piece to (primarily) 
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Tarkovsky, Bergman, Sokurov, Kubrik and Wong Kar-Wai. Lexington 2007 The Blackwell Companion to Wong Kar-wai (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015). 26.
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Wong Kar Wai, the director of this film, is a genius at filmmaking and is It makes for a great companion to Chungking Express, and I think it 
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TM: Wong has said that In the Mood For Love is something of a companion piece to Days of Being Wild (Wong Kar-wai, 1991). You and Maggie A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (CNCZ - Wiley A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (CNCZ - Wiley Blackwell A Companion to Wong Kar-wai (Wiley Blackwell Companions to Film Directors).
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affinities with that of his countryman and near-contemporary Wong Kar-Wai. '' Lan Yu'' is like a less dizzily gorgeous companion to Mr. Wong's 
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he cult of Wong Kar-wai constitutes, to be sure, a unique breed of When it was revealed that Wong's follow-up would be a companion piece 

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