My Story of Northern Nigeria

Ezra Bature2022/01/21 11:42
My Story of Northern Nigeria

My Story of Northern Nigeria

My Story of Nigeria....

Inflation rate high

Regionalism become noxious

Life's expensive in the South

Ritualist in the East

Fraudsters in the West

Poverty in the North

My Story of North...

Bandit and kidnappers on the highway, No free road to ride without a raid,

Demand for ransom,

Only with currency,

People's clamored,

government worldless

Media houses turn to medium of segregation, Social media turn to social division..

My story of North.....

Life without liberty

Sleepless nights to the masses

Gunshot gunned down my neighbor, People becomes prey without prayers

Everyday promises from the army

Solution cease from existence

My Story of North...

Attack to kidnap

Community slaughtered

Blood spill out

Many become homeless

Live lost!!

Job to jobless

Youth traveled beyond the region,

For a greener pastures.. while the region's pastures is parched...

My Story of North

Bloodshed is an everyday affairs,

Everyday Newspapers news saddened..

Attack on the masses,

Houses burn down to ashes

Mass burial in the community

Wives becomes widows

Children becomes orphans

My Story of North

Only few with a voice

Many voice become voiceless

Youth resort to drugs,

Ladies to prostitution..

Parents create hostility within...

Majority dominance, minorities impotence..

Minority tribes divided

No love but hate..

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