You left me...

Enock2022/01/15 23:38

At first you seemed so perfect. every single word accompanied with your great smile from you felt genuine.. I fell for you,for sure I fell so deep. Each call and text till our first date, made everything beautiful. I thought I had you then you quit.

You left me...

Now that your gone...

Loss is innevitable everywhere,

and you,you were a loss I couldn't bare.

I loved you,I swear with all my heart I did but you chose to leave,to leave without me.....

You went away, "did you ever love me?",I keep asking myself.

All our precious moments you threw away,like it we're nothing to you.

So quickly to replaced me,bae "did I ever mean anything to you?"....

But now that your gone,why should I hold on to you,to your memories.

Why does my heart still skip a beat when I see you?. I don't want to love you,I don't want to remember anything of you.

Now that your gone,I just want to erase all of you and have a new me..


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