King Of Love

Matthew Adekunle2022/01/08 08:18

The poem emphasis basically on how love feel to human being and how is important to human being

King Of Love

King Of Love

What love got to give me ride on, i care to receive.

The thought of hearing my heartbeat so loud is loose in me.

But to walk away am falling down.

Will it disappear in me without no trace ?

Is just a kingdom that full with passion and intimacy.

I can't believe their is something strong in my heart anymore.

I found it upon a time, but wondering how it is to me.

Thousand of days i have it in feelings but one day like a seconds Break it down.

Oh, what a feeling, burning me all up.

Knocking on my heart like a monster.

That seem to have taken a hold of my senses.

Which i spend so many nights on my own.

I holds on the rails, standing on deck watching the sunset.

I found something special in me, which i feel different in it .

I said it to my self am in love,i can feel it in my soul.

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