Matthew Adekunle2022/01/08 07:55

Is just the ideas of how home is important and memories we shared in it. written by me.


Far Away From Home

Is colorful and bright, more newly voices.

Everything take it so important, newly set of mind

The dark make it silent, but thinking about how make it different

Home make it better and okay, but lost in it.

No one to ask how life it is, i keep it silent and make it new.

I try to make it to the good ones, but found it so hard

The one i got' make it sad and think alot

I took it back to the moon days

When the love one's will make it special and okay.

No place like home which i think of it once and for all.

I took it as fate,what make it stick to it make it worth while.

I had a little but none to show of it.

I feel lonely and but weird in it

The pressure of it is low in the light

How i wish i fly to make it possible.

Is not just a place that gold can buy or get up in a minute;

Is much painful to stay far away from it.

I remember that warmth and love in it.

Which i see it sad when i live my life feeling cold.

All alone and cold in the wild with roaring winds.


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