Two Future saver

Matthew Adekunle2022/01/10 11:20

Is just a memory of my friend when we are in school what we plan to become and where we are now

Two Future saver


I see it from the way i took it personal,

Times of them we made it a wish

But not knowing that the future will tell.

We plan it personal we keep it in mind,

But try to proof it in future,lot of it pass away.

But some keep showing as it was said in the past.

Long way to go but never stop in it We keep pushing, it shows in our part

We never stop we wish to achieve it.

We have it a dream and we are strong in it.

This what life got to give us,let take it as it is to us.

Wondering the hope ,is just a blessing to us.

It builds us stronger and keeps us in it.

No place to hide only the light shine in it,

We are getting it and taking us to better place.


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