foods for the metabolism. mushrooms reduce insulin need

Jemil2022/01/07 21:01

mushrooms produce critical improvement throughout diabetes.they additionally supply proteins, B bunch vitamins,and not very many sugars. PREPARATION AND USE 1 RAW:fresh mushrooms may be thinly sliced and eaten raw.They must be cleaned very well . 2 Cooked Roasted: fried or in a variety of culinary preparations. They require very little cooking time (a few minutes). 3 Preserves: mushrooms retain their flavor and aroma quite well when they are canned, frozen,and particularly,dried. MUSHROOMS COMPOSITION per 100g of raw edible portion Energy 25.0 kcal=106 kj Protein 2.09g carbohydrates 3.45g Fiber 1.20g Vitamin A ______ Vitamin B¹ 0.102 mg Vitamin B² 0.449 mg Niacin 4.90 mg NE Vitamin B6 0.097 mg Vitamin B¹² _____ folate 21.1 g Vitamin C 3.50 mg Vitamin E 0.120 mg Calcium 5.00 mg Phosphorus 104 mg Magnesium 10.0 mg Iron 1.24 mg Potassium 370 mg Zinc 0.730 mg


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