Lonely Mountain

Rick Vernon2022/01/07 14:28

My own poem

Lonely Mountain

a blue well covered hill

so tempting to reach it

green part made my heart stand still

its a mountain away from others

a mountain greener than any other

it is always greener on the other side

so they say

but this mountain is a better place for a heart with wisdom

crowned by beautiful trees the queen is waiting for a new kingdom

but mountain climbing is difficult for me

she is more of a paradise

dew and a beautiful breeze rise

soothing her yesterday wounds

cleaning its vegetation for a beautiful playing ground

fruits of her thighs dripping with untouched honey

the leaves of her bossom attracting every tourist

the slopes she have are not steep

but the culture of her ancestors is written on her heart

as a spectator I watched n gathered courage to start exploring the mountain

verbal agreement is most expensive

starting a relation again for her is utterly explosive

the mountain heart knows the cruelity of a bad miner

hatred at the core of the mountain waiting to erupt like volcano

the situation is tense and also the leeward side is given to men

while the windward side is welcoming women mostly

sunshine and rainfall is for the feminist

her heart had captured good emotions

only dark emotions are stored for a new comer

you can tell by the whistling of a mourning wind

crooning songs of a bad yesterday union with the bad miner

he mined the other side of the mountain with intentions to reach n break the mountain heart

breaking trust structures

am I making a mountain out of a moll hill

or I am judging before exploring

mind already dug a pit of theories I cant fill

can I start restoring

gazing on the beautiful lonely mountain

mind playing jig-saw puzzle

am stuck in one place

can I start the mountain hiking or should I be a secret admirer

or should I stay as a stalker

love aint easy to start

but I love you Miss Lonely Mountain


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