That Little Sweet Lie

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To Strong Women And Their Love

That Little Sweet Lie

That Little Sweet Lie

Hold me and rock me till the morning light because my pain is too great.I Still want to hear you whisper those sweet lie one more time.

I know there's another or holds your heart but pretending I own it for just one night is all I ask for.

Tell me I'm the one, the love of your life. It's not my fault you won't become my Husband but I won't stop looking in those eyes as I dream my dreams. We can both pretend, it's not what it seems.

I can't stand you walking away, it's ripping mine apart. So I will take this, just one more night.

My brain knows what my Heart can't realize. I promise to give you freedom afterward but please let me pretend. I am not ready, for this love to end.

But please, tomorrow when you will be walking away, lie one more lie that you will be coming back. That is your chance and that way, I will survive.

If you give me one glance Sonnet on an intimate relationship.

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