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Relationships with sisters, like any relationship depend on the people involved. Yes, Having a sister in your life can either be a wonderful or terrible experience, depending on your relationship and to me, Sisters are the Cuties Lovebirds.


My Dearest Sister

This can only be felt and understood by the sisters who share that special bond that is impossible to describe. 

They go through life together as a team, helping and supporting each other 
Through whatever this world has destined for them. 

They will never give up on each other, 
For giving up on your sister means giving up on yourself. 

They smile together, laugh together, 
Lie for each other, lie to each other and cry together.

She is the one person you can confide your whole self to, the one person who understands.

Is that one person who will stand by your side until the very end.
She has and always will be there for you during all the times in your life, 
Whether they be happy or sad.


She is someone who knows you better than you know yourself. 
She is someone you can't imagine your life without, 
And just the thought of it makes you want to cry.

She is someone who knows you're not okay, even when you say you are. 

My sister is and always will be My very Best Friend.


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