A Broken Heart: For My Friend (Girl)

Georgie.Jie2022/01/03 16:18

Everyone has a bittersweet memory with the beloved one. We can be friend with anyone we feel comfortable with. Somehow, the feel we kept for so long can kill us inside. Crush culture, stranger-friend-stranger. That's all

A Broken Heart: For My Friend (Girl)

A Broken Heart: For My Friend (Girl)

Bright sunny, shining in the morning

In my bedroom, I saw the album of you and me

We both look still young and naive

Run a relationship as a friend

Without knowing what the future holds for us

I took your hand and put it in mine

Like a married couple, we said the lines

With the flowers on my head, I saw you smile

It feels like a real, but we knew all these LIES

The grey box buried on the ground,

You hold my hand, “Keep this childhood memory in our mind”

As time goes by and we played strangers

I and you passed each other on the street and

My face just staring at my foot

While you talked to your friends

Guess what? Am I a stranger to you?

29 Mac of that year, the date we accidentally met again

You danced in the crowded people

While me sipping a glass of wine at the table

I like the way you moved your body left to right

Then your eyes caught me in a sight

You really wanna know how I felt after you smile and point your finger at me?

Guess what, I really wanna tell you too

The second I stood, I saw you hugged a (girl/man)

You made me mad

For the last time, I found out you were just drunk

Fuck u!

I found the ‘X’ under the same tree

I walked passing by never turning back

From the park, I saw you alone

Dug a hole and take it out

I’m sure you remember, you turned to me

We came closer nearly to the end

But never made it to the end

From your back, a stranger's hand tie you up

“She’s old-friend”, you made it up!

I held my tears, you gave me the box

Through all the years, you played fox

I’m not for sure, you are the teacher

I guess it here, now you with her

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