I must

A.G KoredešŸŒ·2022/01/11 09:39

It's about someone who is so determined to do something

I must

I must

Lost in the middle of the wild

I tried to navigate with my mind

I struggled through the valley

I battled through the alley

All the troubles for the ancient book

With my head bent by the rock of burdens,

My heart sealed to study

My eyes shed tears of blood

As I vowed to see the end.

The evening breeze played the book

Every page pierced my heart

I heard the voice of it's ink as it change to red

Red ink not by colour but was soaked with the blood from my heart

With severe pain I journeyed through it

The deeper I read, the more I saw

The letters in it gets me closer to success

So I was determined to finish even amidst pain

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