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The poem is about a country's situation. Insecurity of a country,the restless mind of its people



Whenever I hear any sound similar to a gunshot,I become scared....I become prepared to face my death.

Instead of the death to come to me,I realize it's the sound of a banger.

Whenever I hear people scream,I become scared thinking they are being murdered,I get prepared for my death to come.

Instead of my death to come to me,I then realized they are screaming for a joyous situation.

Whenever I hear people talking on the phone,and they suddenly scream..,I become scared expecting a bad news.

Instead of the bad news to be shared,it's actually a good news.

Why am I always scared at a slight situation, maybe it's not my's coz of the society I live in.

A society where the rich gets richer,and the poor gets poorer.

A society where a child of the same mother,but different father killed his siblings.

A society where injustice is embraced.

A society where indigenes and aliens are being murdered brutally.

A society where fraudulent become an occupation.

A society where the son of the soil can't sleep and dream,they have to stay awake coz there mind is not at rest.

Sometimes I think,if my death finally shouldn't be brutal,I prefer being killed by gun,or pillow...but not with cutlass or axe.

I can't help it,I know my death is near.

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