Anawe2021/12/31 10:04

It's about a girl who embarks on an adventure with a boy she likes even though she's not supposed to leave the house.I guess love knws no bounds



I couldn't fathom embarking on an adventure,
Didn't think that one day I'd be a rule bender,
I was risking it all just to venture,
Not giving a damn about being singled out for censure.

I got to be in nature I got to see a view,
Even though I'd seen it a thousand times it felt
anew with you,
I couldn't help but feel ecstatic no longer blue,
I don't regret having this rendezvous.

We went out of sight only for you to pull me close,
My heart was beating fast for a moment I froze,
The sensation of your kiss tingled up to my toes,
It was a powerful one I'd longed for most.

Your touch was astounding,
It made me forget my surrounding,
It was alot it was all confounding.

For the first time I felt safe and free,
With you is where I'd always rather be,
I don't remorse any minute of it.


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