Anawe2021/12/31 11:14

It is about a girl who has a crush on a guy during their first encounter.



When I need a fix it's hard to keep my cool,
I keep wanting to content the desire with my fuel,
Thy finger tips being away from my keys felt cruel,
I yearned to be with my precious jewel.

You came in and gave me a sense of euphoria,
I almost told you that my name is Victoria,
You seemed riveting,
A new person I'd like to know,
In my eyes my darling you stole the show.

You got me into having a heart to heart with you,
It didn't seem like we'd ever be through,
I knew underneath the mask was an Abercrombie,
Who would make me want to be freaky like a zombie.

You started giving me ideas about you and I,
I shunned the thought and decided to be the bad guy,
I left in a hurry without a word or even goodbye,
I couldn't help it but feel so shy.

You were in my thoughts on my journey back home,
As I listened to Lizzo's song named Jerome,
I decided to get in touch with you,
It was now or never,
This was my cue.

At last I got to see the rest of you,
Boy was I taken aback,
I cut myself some slack,
I just had to know if you like me back.

I never expected you to say you do,
What a relief oh phew,
Little did I know it was the beginning of late night talks,
Which is strange just like Pandora's box.

You personality is fascinating,
Your experiences are an awe,
You give me a sense of euphoria,
I'm speechless honestly,
You have left me in a state of hem and haw.


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