True me

Tëéèchër Nipssy2021/12/31 03:34

Many secrets to my world that no one understands You think you are my friend but don’t know my nightmares Don’t judge people by the smile on their face One might be going through pain but you would never know Until true friends ask “What's going on”

True me

True me

See me and you see happiness but inside I’m field with sadness.

Laughing in light.

Moaning in the night .

Smiles on my face.

Telling a fake story .

I am a walking dead.

Who might not see the next day but not frightened 

Light as it is,is happiness 

But in my position it’s torture

I know darkness is taking over and I love it.

Because it is the only place I seem to find peace

Some criticize my aim and some think I’m insane

I might be complicated 

But this is just the true me

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