Speak up

Refugee poet2021/12/30 04:20

Speak up is a poem by me a refugee from Burindi but currently living in Kakuma Refugee Camp for the past 16 years. This poem speaks about all entities of life.

Speak up


What is life? This question rings at the back of mind every single time I think about my personality. Who am I and why the hell I am in this got damn world. Does it matter whether I am a man or a woman, boy or girl? I have read many books, watched many movies and had so many stories but I haven’t found answers to the only question that had not been making sense to my senses from the moment I got sense. 

I might be poor or rich, normal or abnormal, tall or short, black or white, different or same but believe me when I tell u that life is just something simple and easy not as hard as I thought it was. Not as complicated as many people believe and end up making it hell. 

Friends, life is being free. I don’t mean political freedom nor social or economic, I mean personal freedom. Are you free? Sit down and meditate about this for a second and the exact answer you will get is that you are not free. Many people are in relationships but are unhappy thus you are not free. Many students are doing courses that they do not feel comfortable doing? How many mothers are single raising their beautiful and handsome children? How many souls out there in this same world are lonely? 

How many teens have committed suicide and committed murder? Do you know how many people live in shame and hide just because of their sexuality? How many girls and boys and even women have been sexually abused? Have you ever thought of wrong decisions that you have made in this world and keep regretting till now, the wrongs you did to people and keeps hunting you down? Do not forget vengeance that fills all your veins every single moment that reminds you when you were hurt. 

Many call life unfair just because of their current situation and many call it sweet because they are living luxuriously. I tell you what life is being free from your own self. It’s hard and complicated when you are always in conflicts with your own self. When you do what you want and what you feel without a question to your own self that is personal freedom. Freedom is doing what you want and feel that you are doing the right thing no matter what the entire world thinks about it because it is hardto satisfy the whole world worth billions of people. 

They always say that every dream is valid but put into consideration that valid dreams are to those who dream while they are free. Believing in yourself is not enough but knowing that what you are doing is all you want and nobody can change that is all what matters. Being strong is not enough therefore, be strong and bold? Do not let all the injustices consume your grief rather speak up and release yourself from bondage.”

Speak up don’t wait coz life is yours and yours alone.

Speak up do not be a victim of your own circumstance. 

Speak up and be free coz life is freedom. 


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