The Echo Of Me

Yoru2021/12/28 21:37

Is the person reflected in the mirror truly a version of yourself? Or are they merely a figment of your imagination? This piece touches on the subject of finding the best version of one's self in a world filled with doubt and dreams.

The Echo Of Me

The Echo Of Me



As promised,

I can change the world and contain the darkness;

As expected,

There is only so much one can do to remain flawless.


A silent breeze shakes the flowers,

The waves hit the rocks gently;

I wait quietly for hours,

Yet no one comes for me.


As promised,

I refuse to recall my painful past;

Yet as expected,

Your image continues to fill my memories.


The moonlight illuminates the lotuses,

The rain shows no sign of stopping;

I savor every moment in the meadow of roses,

Yet why do I seem to be constantly crying?


The sound of a flute resounds from some faraway place,

Leaving behind painful memories;

Thoughts of you have begun to slowly leave its place,

Will I continue to be alone for centuries?


Promises fill this once silent room,

A gentle voice soothes me in my sleep;

The flowers that decorate this pathway have begun to bloom,

As I continue to fall into the endless deep.


But a single hand reaches out to me,

Arousing a long forgotten realization;

I believe that I have seen you before,

Why do you appear to look exactly like me?


I realize it as soon as the rain arrives,

You are another version of me;

A strong-willed person who remains in disguise,

Awaits my tearful acceptance.


I grasp onto fading memories,

My soul has returned from an unknown distance;

As I walk this path for a thousand centuries,

I swear to keep you here within me.


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