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Tyrandz2021/12/11 09:44

I was lonely one night and an inspiration came,so i thought of making that thiught into words. You are never alone out there,trust me


The poem

Early goodnights and lonely self,
Lone sidelines walking on the edge,
I feel like an old book on the shelf,
Where noone pays attention to it that's why am on a rage,
They talking to me but karma turned me deaf,
My life is like a book written on an empty page,
"Hahaha" definitely the laugh of a psycho,
Why now? how now? am asking "so many why so's"
I wanna scream out on a hill with a high note,
I'm waiting for something dark more than a death call,

Suicidal thoughts eating my mind,
My pen is empty so am drawing blood lines,
Staring my arm's nerves holding the sharpest side,
The death knife is about to delete my consciousness,

Noone to talk to,
I'm just living on my own,
Young broken and so fool,
Am fighting my own dawn,


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