Why relationships are worth it

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Why relationships are worth it

Relationships aren't easy to handle. Couples fight, betray or hurt each other constantly. Witnessing experiences like this could make you ask questions. Are relationships worth it? Is there any point in getting into a relationship that could end in disappointment? Isn't it risky to trust someone completely and entrust your heart to them? What if you love them and they don't love you back? What if they pretend to love you because of what they can get from you?

All these are valid doubts in today's world. This could be a major concern for you as a single considering getting into a relationship. It’s only normal that you want to have all the cards out. It's to be expected that you want to know what exactly you’re getting into. What’s going on around you may increase your doubts about relationships but there’s something you should know. Relationships are worth it especially if you're with the right person.

Who is the right person? The right person is someone who loves you and considers you important. The right person will want a relationship with you to work out. The right person trusts you and is open with you. The right person always seeks ways to help you. The right person is always open to corrections if they've done something wrong. The right person is proud of you and always wants to show you off. The right person doesn’t see you as a burden. These and many more are the qualities of the right person.


Why Are Relationships Worth It?

1. You love and are loved by someone too

The feeling of being loved or loving someone is one unique feeling no human can forget. Love is special and in romantic relationships, it's part of what keeps the relationship secure and strong. Why? If you truly love someone, you wouldn't want to hurt them. You'll always watch out for them and stand up for them if need be. You'll be there for your partner when things are tough and when things are good you’ll be there to celebrate it too.

2. You experience true companionship

Companionship is something every human desires although their definitions may differ. Companionship is the state of spending quality time with someone. Your partner who is your companion spends time with you, associates with you, or accompanies you when you go to places and your partner does it wholeheartedly. You both desire each other's company. Companionship is bliss.

3. You have one special person as both a friend and partner

Everyone loves to have friends and being friends with someone can be wonderful. Having your best friend as your partner in a romantic relationship is more than worth it. You can be sure that if no one else has got your back, your best friend who is also your partner is watching out for you. Your partner will be the one to tell you the bitter truth when you’re wrong or comfort you when you’re in pain.

4. You always get support

A good partner will always want to support you. When you're feeling down because you didn't ace an interview, your partner will be there to cheer you up and tell you that you can do it. Your partner is your number one fan.

5. You get helped whenever you need to be

Anyone can get stuck with something and need help at one time or the other. It happens to the best of us as no one is an island. Your partner is the helper you should turn to first. You may not even have to ask your partner for help at times because, once your partner notices that you need assistance, your partner comes over to help.

6. You experience intimacy on a new level

The feeling of being intimate with someone is one of the best feelings ever. It’s more than just sexual intimacy. You and your partner get intimate with each other physically, emotionally, and psychologically. You share memories, reason deeply with each other, and are in sync. That's why your partner is your significant other. Humans are social animals. When you feel like cuddling or lying in someone’s arms, your partner is the best option for you. Endless conversations where you discuss with each other so much that you forget the world exists are also part and parcel of intimacy.

7. You and your partner learn from each other

Your partner is an individual who has also had experiences of life. Your partner may know some things you don’t which may help you whenever you’re stuck with something or whenever you need to exchange ideas. You might have a project from your place of work and have no idea what to do. Your partner may help you with it. You get to learn from your partner and vice-versa.

8. You share responsibilities

In romantic relationships, especially that of the marital kind, responsibilities are shared between the partners. It’s not only one person who gets to do everything. When things are done this way, no one gets overburdened and no one feels they’re the ones taking all the responsibility. When partners share responsibilities equally, it helps avoid fights and accusations of irresponsibility or laziness.

9. You feel safe with another human who is special to you

The feeling of safety comes in a relationship when you’re with your partner, whom you’re familiar with. You spend time together, you share responsibilities, ideas, and you’re intimate with each other. All that can generate feelings of safety when you're with your significant other. When you get into some sort of trouble sometimes, all you can think of is calling your partner.

10. You get to enjoy the fun times too

A relationship is supposed to be fun and will be if the partners are willing. Going out on dates, cooking for each other, and trying out new things together are some of the things you and your partner can do. You could also decide to be adventurous or go to new places. You could go on a vacation to another country together or just go sightseeing in your local area. Whatever you decide to do, let it be something you and your partner both enjoy.

Being in a relationship is a full-time job and sometimes, you may just want to give up. It appears to be the easy way out. If you consider the other option, which is investing your time and effort to make the relationship work, you’ll reap the benefits soon. Relationships are worth it.

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