Patra2021/12/08 08:53

A love poem that expresses deep feeling but feels tired of being alone..



_My body, ravaged without my consent,

Like a plague it took over me_

In whirlwind, spinning around, gathering all content but yet I came out spotless.

I know it's contagious but I dived right in,

Not minding the outcome I sink deep

Reaching for the best spin

I never learn to be satisfied, to have enough of you

Every page I turn to is a new sage,

A new slate for a new day to look forward to

Being infected with your love made me sick...

Sick of being alone

Sick of being without you

Sick of waking up without you by my side...

I should get some pills to feel better but my doctor is my lover

So I'm diagnosed and given overdose

An overdose of your love peels...

I'm beginning to see straight rings running in circles..

All I see, think of is you..

With my eyes shut I felt tall, my senses on high

I don't want be saved from on high

Only from afar have I gotten this high...

They say distance is a barrier but we built a bridge with it...our hearts...

If what I feel is the definition of sickness

I don't want to be cured..

If you are the carrier of what ravaged my heart

I want to stay INFECTED.


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