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Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Tale


🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

Composed By: 🔥K_E_L_V_I_N❤️

🐬 Episode_1🐬

"Kapella!". Mrs. Elijah's voice rage as she moved out of the kitchen with a Pan.

"Almost up Mom". A femanine voice replied from the floor above.

"Do I have to remind you that you've missed one week already?".

"I know Mom so just drop the pan before you're tempted to use it on me". Kapella said as she walked down the stairs full of smiles.

She had an average height and her straight hair was in a big bun style that her Panama hat barely covered.

Her blue T-shirt and trouser matched with her enticing blue eyes.

Mrs. Elijah heaved as she retreated the pan.

"You're beyond beautiful each passing day and what could be the secret?". She said returning to the kitchen.

"I eat sea food alot and I don't yell at people". She replied as she walked from behind.


"Ops! My bad, you should try Sea food everyday Mom". Kapella said as she pecked Mrs. Elijah.

"Fish gives protein not beauty". She replied dropping the pain.

"But I love to eat fish and fish alone, every other thing gets to taste gross". She said.

"You're 18, We shouldn't be talking about this anymore, you enjoy Sea food than any other meal and so we provide it in abundance".

"Why am I different? From everyone, what's special or strange about me?". She asked.

"You should get going you're gonna be late". Mrs. Elijah said as she tried to get herself busy.

"Are you gonna keep ignoring, I know I'm different from others, a big difference, you all get to eat normal meal, I try to eat much of it and I puke out". She said.

Mrs. Elijah inhaled and turned back.

"Because you're special, So don't complain now and just move on with life as usual".

"The fact that you always warn me not to tell anyone means there's a secret".

"You're special that's it, there are kids like you out there".


"Yes..So don't be hard on yourself". She said placing her hands on Kapella's shoulder.

"I guess I'm ready now". She sat as she squat to adjust her shoe.

"Mom, Where's Dad?". A ten year old boy said as he entered the Kitchen in his uniform and a backpack behind him.

"Steve, I'll be with you in minute". Mrs. Elijah said.

He took off Kapella's hat and wore it.

"Give that to me". She said turning back as he put it on.

"Mom, Do I look like Kapella.

Mrs. Elijah couldn't help to but scoff as she took it off his head.

"You can never be me". She grinned and he frowned angrily.

"Don't be harsh on your brother, he's just a kid".

"One who doesn't know his place". She snapped.

"Give it to me". He whispered.

"No". She fired.

"I'll tell Mom". He whispered.

"She can hear you already, so don't threaten me little bottle". She said gripping his nose.

"Mom, Kapella didn't make her hair!". He announced.

She gasped as she quickly covered his mouth.

She took off the hat and wore it for him.

"You look charming". She stammered.

"Too late". He whispered.

"Thanks". He added and marched out with the oversized hat.

"Tell me it's a lie, Daughter". Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella turned back slowly.

Mrs. Elijah grabbed the Barratte on her hair and removed it thereby unclasping Kapella's hair.

Her long hair fell down freely past her waist.

Mrs. Elijah scoffed as she leaned against the kitchen cabinet.

"The Stylist was here yesterday, wasn't she?".

"No. She called back that she was too busy to come". Kapella said.

"And you decided to have it your way, take a look at your hair, it ain't normal, it....".

"It looks like that of Disney Character, Rapunzel, although mine is barely touching the floor, it looks cute".

"Cute or not, you know people mustn't see this".

"C'mon Mom, I get to cut my hair every week for the past...... I guess it since when I was born, you should take a break". She said.

"It's for a reason and you have to trust me on that".

"Alright Mom, Just this week, I'll make sure I clasp it well into a bud style like the one I had before you ruin it". She frown.

"I'll call the Stylist".

"Mom, Am late already".

"Fine, Go have your seat, I'll do it".

Kapella dragged her feet to the leaving room as the long straight hair followed from behind.

There was Steve seated, legged crossed with Kapella's oversized Panama Hat on his head which covered his face.

"It's time to hand it over Steve". She said standing akimbo.

"Have some respect for Sherlock Holmes". He whispered.

"Seriously?". She said raging toward him.

"Oh, How about I tell Mom you took her Car yesterday, Rapunzel?". He asked.

🌁🌁Phoenix High School🌁🌁

Students trooped into the gigantic buildings as they alighted from their various transit.

The Bus, some parents dropped off their kids and the Rich flaunt their flashy cars as they drove to the VIP garage.

A Dodge Viper GTS halt in front of the gate as it window slide down revealing Kapella and her Mom.

"And here we are, after trying to rip your little brother apart".

"Don't start again Mom, He took what was mine, threaten or actual try to blackmail me and then drew sponge Bob on my hat, that was my favorite". She snapped.

"You still Watch Sponge Bob, that kid show? ".

"Um..Maybe". Kapella said and hurried out.

"What do I get to tell the Principal, that I puked for days after I stubbornly eat lot of pancake". She added.

"I spoke with him already, Just go to school and be a good girl". Mrs. Elijah is and she turned to leave.


Kapella turned back with a smirk.

"Don't take off your bracelet, never take it off".

"Seriously Mom, I've been wearing this since I was born, why would I take it off now?". She asked.


"But Mom is it some sort of protection object, was our ancestors Magicians, what does it do?".

"Good day, Kapella". Mrs. Elijah said as she wore her shades.

She hit the accelerator with her foot and the vehicle shot off.

"hush!". She said as she turned back to the gate.

"Welcome back to Phoenix High, Kap..... I meant Faceless". She whispered and marched into the compound as she adjust her black hat.

Kapella was walking through the hallway when she almost bumped into another student.

"Sorry". She said raising her head up and their eyes met.

"Kapella!". The Girl screamed as they hugged tightly attracting the attention of everyone at the hallway.

She was dark skinned more of a black American with wavy hair.

"Cindy". Kapella whispered.

"It's been so long friend, you didn't bother to call, I didn't know your place and then you delayed a week before returning from summer break". Cindy said frowning.

"I lost my phone during summer break, Good thing you don't know where I live and I resumed late because I was sick for good one week". Kapella whispered.

"Sick? Were you pregnant?".She asked and Kapella punched her arm.


"Yeah. Pregnant with stomach disorder". Kapella said.

"That's bad but I know you're fine now, babe, it will take more than a disorder to put Faceless down". She said.

"Shhh someone is coming". Kapella said as a boy approached them.

"Kapella meet my little brother, Francis". Cindy said.

"I'm not little". He snapped.

"Francis, meet my best friend, Kapella".

"Oh she is...nice meeting you, my sister talked alot about you and she was right, you're beautiful, Like she said I'm Francis". She said stretching his hand for a shake but Cindy slapped it down.

"That will be all, Find your level, let's go babe". Cindy said as she held Kapella's hand.

"Welcome back, Ella!". Voices rang from different corners of the hallway as they walked toward a classroom.

"Hi!". She said as she waved at them.

"So cool to be popular right?".Cindy asked.

"No am not".

"Yes you are, Such a beauty beyond human reasoning, pretty good voice that melt people's soul, you should go into pop singing". Cindy said and she gasped.

"You're always good at making jokes". She said and they laughed.

"But I really meant that". She said and they entered into the classroom.

She waved back at the students as they welcomed her from the Summer break.

"It's so good to be back". She said as she sat beside Cindy.

"I can't believe this how can Camping fee become two thousand dollars, this school is shit!". A Student cursed.

"You speak like you can't afford it". Another said.

"Of course my parent can but it's just too high and seems Faceless has retired". He said.

"That's right, I was planning to spend my fees when my parents ping it into my account but since Faceless isn't showing up I'll have to reconsider ". A Chubby Boy said and they laughed.

"Every advantage have a disadvantage". Cindy whispered.

"That's just right, hacking into school database making it look like everyone paid for the sake of the poor but the rich takes it as an opportunity to lavish more".Kapella whispered back.

"This is a school for the Rich, Ella, why do people come when they know they can't cope with the fees". Cindy replied.

"Everyone wants to be in the best school but reality is sometimes unfair". Kapella said.

"I just don't understand why you chose to take this on yourself".

"Cos I chose to and we're going in tonight".

"What!". Cindy said in a low tone.

"We're going in to do what we always do". Kapella said.

"I thought you would return as a new Kapella, how long will you keep as The Faceless Hacker and for your info our school have upgraded in security aspect".

"That isn't stopping us Cindy, that fee is to high even it's to pay part for them with fake transactions". She said.

"Do I have to remember you that to do that you must use the School Control System, that means going to the Control Base, everywhere in the school is filled with cameras and there are lot of guards now, stationary at the Control Base for 24 hours".

"Good thing you made your observation, We'll find a way out as always".

Kapella opened her bag and there were several devices, Walkie-talkie, PDA and many unknown.

"Your parent can afford any fee Kapella... Why...".

"Are you in or out Cindy?".

"Stop asking the stupid question, you know I'm your partner in crime even when you choose to embark on crazy risks". She replied.

"That's why you'll always do my bestie".

"I hope you understand the Rich also get favored by this".

"That's right but I came prepared starting from Joe, I'll clear every single transaction of his from the school database,Access his mail and delete every receipt he's received from transactions,I bet he's too rich to check them out talk less of download, making it look like, he never paid a dim since he began High School ".


The entire building was filled with busy men and women who moved from one Computer System to another.

There was no idle hand except Mrs. Elijah who walked in dressed in a red ball gown.

She moved to the secretary's desk and she recognized her immediately.

"I want to see Elijah".

"A moment please". The Secretary said as she took the land-line.

She punched some certain numbers and placed the phone on her ear.

"Your Wife is here". She said and paused.

"Alright". She said and dropped the phone.

"You can go".

Mrs. Elijah took her bag and marched to the office.

She was approaching the door when she saw the guard nodding as he touched the telecom devices in his ear.

"Welcome to Phoenix Consolidated ma'am". He said and as he pull open the door for her.

She entered and he closed the door behind her.

"You should know I'm pretty busy every Monday, Honey". Mr. Elijah said as he rose from his chair full of smiles.

"I knew that pretty well when I choose to marry a Cryptographer". She replied and he kissed her.

"Perhaps you could spare some time". She said.

"Sure. Come over". He said leading her to the Grand Sofa where they sat.

"Let me guess, Kapella".

That's right, I'll be brief, She's eighteen now, we might not be able to control her as before ".

" Yeah. I thought of that ".

" She's different from other humans and it's only a matter of time before she tells someone ". Mrs. Elijah said.

" She kept the secrets for years ".

" I know and I'm saying, she won't keep them soon, she forces her self to adapt to human meal even though she ends up puking. Ask various question about why she's different from others and today for the first time, she asked about the bracelet, she's curious ".

" Are you saying we should tell her?". Mr. Elijah asked.

" I don't know, she's fragile but she also deserve the truth ".

" Then we do I think ".

" Seriously? I also want to but should I remember you the event that took place 18 years ago, I wanted us to have our honeymoon in Valencia, I wanted us to take a ship instead I preferred sea transport because I loved sea wind but that was a mistake, the ship cruising on the Atlantic Ocean into the fog, do you remember ". She asked and he nodded.


A Ship swerve past a sea rock as it cruise the mighty ocean.

Passengers on the deck yelled as they gulped in the content of the Soda bottle they held.

The Ships speed slowly reduced as it approached the fog ahead.

"Here you go". A man said as he lead Mr. and Mrs. Elijah to the dock.

"Thanks Marshal".

"Have good night rest Elijah". He said and they left while they entered.

"Miss sea traveler I hope you're enjoying this". He asked and she chuckled.

"It's Mrs. Elijah now and yes, I always love Sea travel". She said and as she kissed him.

"I thought honeymoon was at Valencia". He whispered.

"And who says location can't be swap to Atlantic Ocean". She said expecting him to laugh but he didn't.

"You're damn not romantic".

"Don't you hear it?". He asked.

"Hear what?".

"The voice, the song". He said and hurried to the transparent window.

"C'mon Elijah, it mus'nt be Valencia". She moving toward him.

She grabbed his arm to pull him but paused hearing the femanine voice all around the ship.

🎶Up Where They Walk🎶

🎵Up Where They Run🎵

🎶Up Where They Stay All Day In The Sun🎶

🎵Wanderin' Free - Wish I Could Be🎵

🎶Part Of That World🎶


🎶Charming Sailors🎶

🎵Come Down To Us🎵

"Do you hear that?". She asked.

"I do".

She put her face against the glass and looked narrowly into the fog.

She caught the slight reflection of a woman leaning against a sea rock and gasped.

She made to speak but was interrupted as a heavy wind pushed the Ship dangerously to the left causing them to fall alongside every object in the room.



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