Pains in hidden truth

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cchinaemerems2021/03/25 18:51

It was a sunny afternoon with my best friend after we had our usual lectures, she was my hommie and we love each but there was this particular two girls that love picking on us and that sunny after came the day in my life a hidden truth was and unfortunate day, on our way home these two girls paraded us to a deep well at the back of my school which has a small track road to our house, I was forced to push my girlfriend inside the deep well or else I will be pushed instead, I was just seventheen when the incident occurred, I watched my best friend drowned inside the well and was threatened not to speak up, dear girlfriend am deeply sorry, I just can't help it, forgive me It's my worst day of life As I couldn't speak up even when everyone asked I was so afraid to speak up

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My best friend


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