Angela The Evil Child - Episode Two

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An amazing story you can't afford to miss

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☠️ Angela the evil child ☠️ episode 2️⃣

🥦 Rose 🥦

" What am i doing here ?" She said and walked, every way was dark and the road was lonely, she was afraid, she ran but couldn't fine away out, she felled and screened out

" Jes ! " she waked up " so it was a dream eh.... " she heard her name down stairs and quickly came down " what is it ma'am ?" She was surprised to see the both of them in the living room "Did you heard a voice ?" She was looking around "No ma'am! i didn't " David interrupted " Maybe, is an imagination " Faith shouted " I don't think so i heard the voice clearly " there were all confused " Ma'am! have you checked on Angela ?" looking at them " Yes, i have and she is sleeping ", .

🥦🥦light fades 🥦🥦

( A open light at Mr David house , faith is in the living room, she is waiting for Angela )

Faith: Angela ! we are almost late ( she said and checked the wall clock )

Angela:( She came out and was framing her face )

Faith: what took your time?

Angela:Mum, i don't want to go to school.

Faith: Are you silly, you have been absent from school for two days now, what is wrong with you?.

Angela : Mum, if you force me to school you won't like the out come. ( she dragged her to the car and there drove out ).

When there gets to school, Mr mike was standing beside the gate, Angela came down from the car then her mum drove out, she was entering the school gate when Mr mike called her back.

Mike: Does it mean you didn't see me standing here and you just want to walk out ,with out greeting me ?.

Angela : ( Angela) Am i your slave or your house help, let me warn you Mr mike let this be the first and last time you we stop me again if not i we dealt with you ( Mr mike was shocked, he couldn't say a word, she walked and hissed at him).

To be continued

What do you think about Angela, is she just disrespectful or there is more to it. wait for more.

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