BMW luxury card

M2021/11/14 19:57

Luxury SUVs are ten a penny these days, but Bentley still has a few tricks up its sleeve courtesy of the firm’s Mulliner department, jam-packed with coachbuilding and wish-fulfilment specialists. The hamper setup isn’t your traditional wicker trunk, it sits on a custom-engineered docking mechanism that allows the hamper system to be pulled forward and even removed, the lids providing handy seating at the horse racing, celebrity bowls tournament or wherever you are. Don’t worry about packing the plastic plates, either – the Mulliner hamper features bespoke china crockery, cutlery and crystal glassware, as well as a Bentley ‘Flying B’ bottle stopper for your booze. There’s storage space for your scotch eggs and ginger beer, and even a fridge. Chin chin. >> Over £20,000


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