A very faithful Dog

Moonwalkboi252021/11/09 07:32

Loyal dog refuses to leave owner graveyard after a week of death ... A German Sheperd refuses to leave his owner grave after a week in Northern Turkish Province of Trabzon Turkey.. It outrightly amazing, the faithful dog lying there with series of pictures has broken the heart of lot of social media . It was gathered that the dog owner named Omer Guven moved to kaymalki after loosing his wife 12yrs ago and has been taking care of stray cats & dogs. He began to take care of the dog 11yrs ago when he was a puppy named him "Fero"....He was widely respected and regarded as animal lover till he died on 29th October after brief illness at the age of 92...Reporters gathered that Fero was lying beside the corpse for 2days before the burial. Son of the deceased said the love his dad has for Fero is much and Fero has love him back that he did not eat or sleep for 3dayz It kind of bond between my father & Fero... Commutters in Kaymalki reportedly that Fero was devastated since the death


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