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Kondwa2021/07/22 12:56

According to the Institute of Medicine’s dietary reference intake recommendations, adults should consume 0.8 grams of protein daily per kilogram of body weight. In a balanced diet, that means protein should account for anywhere between 10 and 35% of all calories consumed. For an adult who weighs 150 pounds that comes out to just over 54 grams of protein a day to meet that recommended intake. Getting more protein than that per day would be considered a higher-protein diet, Zeratsky explained. “It’s dependent on the individual and their body size.” Some versions of the popular Atkins, paleo and keto diets, among others, can be high-protein diets depending on the specific foods you’re choosing to eat in a day and your weight. If the total amount of protein you eat ends up being more than 35% of your day’s calories (the upper limit of that normal range recommendation), it would be a high-protein diet, Zeratsky said.

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