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Bitcoinersilla2021/05/03 21:24

Life isn't the way I thought it would be anyway. Thinking of how this money is going to come my way. My son ain't home,waiting for the sun to make hay while it shines But there isn't enough time for the lines A lot of thing depends on dimes.. And diamonds they buy to make the fame. Nothing is cheap in this game.. This game of Life we all loose and we all win Everything thing seems to be the same.. everything comes and goes like fame The hungry wolf gets to be tamed Till he forgets how the flesh taste but only for some time No favourite medicine for the teeth but food and paste . And every bird that aims higher has a nest. But I'm no bird I'm a man in a cage. Waiting to open a new chapter and a page Its time for everyone's the new age.. No time to wait till they say damn am aged Season come and goes it changes And people all the same they change


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