The Pandemic

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Anime Manga2021/04/16 22:31

Coronavirus, the worst disease, Hide in your homes, if you please. A disease killing lives, And spreading negative vibes, Symptoms like fever making us weak, Doctor’s help, we need to seek. Started in China, now, the world if sick, Let us unite and find a cure, quick. You will have fever as I told, You will get headache and a cold. Following up, then comes cough, Getting rid of, is now quite tough. You will get problems of respiration, Now, we all need prevention. Muscle pain can come too. Let us build immunity, me and you. Wash your hands with some soap, We’ll fight the virus, that’s the hope. Sneeze and cough into a tissue, Let’s take some steps to tackle this issue. Don’t go to crowded places, Don’t be one of those thousand cases, Visit a doctor if you need care, Now, just make others, all aware.

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