KGF Chapter 3 released date

Nameless2022/05/12 13:45

KGF: Chapter 2, which released on April 14, is now ruling the roost. The film received an overwhelming response from the critics and audience alike. The post-credits scene of KGF: Chapter 2 hinted at a possible sequel. In an interview to Variety, Yash talked about KGF: Chapter 3. He said, "Already we have thought of a lot of scenes, me and Prashanth. There are a lot of things which we couldn’t do in ‘Chapter 2.’ So we know there are a lot of possibilities, a lot of kick-ass scenes are there. But it’s just an idea. And we’ve just left it there right now.” Yash also revealed that he is overwhelmed with the response he has been receiving for KGF: Chapter 2.Speaking about the two parts, Yash said, "K.G.F” was meant to be one film, but midway through the production, Neel decided to split the film into two, because he felt that some scenes were being rushed and the emotional aspect of it, something that is critical to winning Indian audiences, no matter what the genre is, needed expanding.


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