Beauty expressed in great art works and ideas by Kundy Arts


The art products are combination of ideas, figure drawing regarding animals and how to spread awareness that will benefit the wild.The leapard drawing took 5 days to complete.The details contained in that product are a combination of many imotions that tell a story on behalf of the animals and simblolically people judged because of upbringing .lt tells a story that they is bueaty in our deferences that should be imbrassed and cherished.The leapard drawing simbolises that although we might be like predictors to others when they see us they is beauty in our black rose like spots which represent our characters.The main intention is to remove the fear that came about with general beliefs and judgements of the past, the intended result from this drawing is to get people to see the bueaty in animals and both people who seem to judge because of were they came from.It drives people to reach a positive mentally towards each other and the nature.


Unpublished@Kundy Art(Makon Andrews)

View at night

Bird of prey ....

Black in white Eland (Drawing)

Nature color pencil drawing of an Eland.

Frank buyanga

Fruit and veggies

(Drawing)Prophet Makandiwa and wife.

(Drawing)Mudiwa Hood... Zimbabwean Celebrity and music super star

Nasty C (Drawing) Kundy Art

Amara brown (Kundy Art)

Rokie Zimbabwean musician.(Kundy Art)

Kundy Art(Designs)

Kundy Art brand design

Kundy the Artist 😊☺️🥰

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