The Sad Truth About The Most intelligent Man in The World

Moonwalkboi252021/12/18 10:17

William James Sidis, the most intelligent man in history, son of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Russia, born in New York on April 1st, 1898. William was a wunderkind, with a prodigious mind and an estimated IQ of 300. He was literally a human computer and a living dictionary.Imagine for a moment an 18-month old child who can unbelievably read The New York Times. At the age of eight, he was fluently speaking French, German, Russian, Turkish, Armenian, Latin, and his native language, English. When he was only 9 years old, he was successfully accepted into Harvard University. Let’s get a little deeper and picture this same small child at 9 years of age, inventing a brand new language called “vendergood,” studied by linguists and declared to be complete, correct, and fascinating. At the age of twelve, he was giving his first lecture about the fourth dimension


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