Eve's journey Will be a story about my personal life and the struggles i face as a young single mom.

Root shaw2021/12/14 11:32

I am an african girl from kenya, who loves adventure and is doing her Very best to live a good life. The year 2021 has not been easy for us all because of the covid 19 pandemic i am lucky to blessed with the gift of life. But the year was not a good one for me, i have struggled to stay sane and alive. After losing my job, getting arrested and having an ongoing court case i almost took my own life. And to top it up my ex fiance cheated on me with a Sugarmummy, who decided to do everything possible to make my life a living hell. But talking about this today on this platform means that i am stronger than i thought, that i can be better and i will be able to overcome all that was thrown at me. Mine is a story to inspire anyone who has lost hope out there, keep on believing that time really heals all wounds or time will make it easier. I lost my job, i sold my householdfurnitures to pay for my houserent and to try and settle the courtcases away from the court But to avail. But God is great

Am at a dilemma


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