A king amazing story

Siemens2022/06/29 20:07

In an era there was a king who had fallen ten wild dogs, whenever a minister made mistakes by the king, the king would put him before the dogs, he would slaughter his booty and kill him. Once a special king of the king gave the wrong advice to the king who did not like the king but he decided that the minister should be thrown to the dogs. The minister pleaded to the king that I have done ten days in service to you in the presence of the Holy Prophet, and you are making me such a big punishment on an error, your order is headed on eyes, but instead of my innocence I Give me a respite of days, then let me get caught in dogs. The king agreed to hear it for a ten-day stay. The minister went to the right place to keep the dogs safe and go and said, "I have to spend ten days with these dogs and I will do it in full care, I have heard the decision of the Minister of State, but then allowed."


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