Ali Hasan gazar2022/03/25 21:26

How to get bitcoin? How to get bitcoin? If you are new to Baskadia, see Getting started. When you have published a post, a unique bitcoin address is automatically generated and displayed on the published page. Then everyone who likes your post can send bitcoin to the address and the bitcoin will be paid to you. Normally, the tipped bitcoin is daily aggregated and deposited into your account after deducting the handling fee. You can check it on the payment page. If you want to withdraw bitcoin from your account, go to the payment page, fill out the form on the "Withdraw" panel, and press the SEND button. (Notes) The deposit timing may be changed without notice depending on the status of systems and networks. It takes a considerable time (normally 2 business days) to proceed a withdrawal because we store bitcoin in a safe place. Withdrawals can be temporarily restricted for security reasons etc. Related articles


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