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Cameron Jasper, who was the best student in her class but is also part of the worst gang at her school. Devon, a shy boy, becomes her target. One day someone from Cameron's group hit him with a rod.Devon thought that it was her terrible idea. But no.



I never thought much about the fact that one day someone might lure me into a deadly trap. The one 

I turned right as I ran out of the passage, which was between bookshelves side by side, and ran to the left, to again turn left, running around the bookshelves.  Leading to the entrance of a dimly lit bookstore, as if their lights had set off. 

But in a super panicked state, before I could quickly grab the door handle , unfortunately he rushed at me, which I was afraid of, and he pushed me back with his mighty strength making me fall far away ,  making my head hit badly on the wooden but loose concrete librarian desk, which shook violently, causing a small knife to fall on the floor. I could feel the blood leaking down from my head.

I groaned in torment. It was unbearably terrible

I slid languidly down, leaning against the desk, my hand on the back of my head. The coal black heavy hammer was on the floor. He walked up to it, picked up the hammer and walked towards me. I gasped in fright. "" I started to drag myself but couldn't because my head hurt so much, making me feel weak. 

Without any compassion, he continued to walk towards me. With an angry, murderous face, a cruelty clearly visible on his face. He knelt down and grabbed me by the collar so that I lay straight down. He raised the hammer high above his head, ready to beat me to death.



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