Khushi2021/12/03 09:14

This is a poem about how love and hate run parallel to each other in a one sided relationship



I want you to crumble down like the bricks of a weak house 

I want you to bubble up your pain until your  stone heart bursts and you shout 

Every night The sun goes down I melt in your arms again 

Every night when the sun goes down you think your eyes have stopped the rains


Every time the sun rises u realize your bed is still cold 

Every ray of sunshine burns your skin with the realization that it was just your mind playing games 

The little girl in my wretched heart sits in a corner crying till her dreams fall apart

Was I so easy to move past? 

With her little voice shivering she asks 

I know her giving heart and passionate fire is now dead

I want her to walk and sit in ur stone cold heart instead

Wake up one day, think the flames have finally diminished and stand tall

Then try to walk forward and  into my hallowing depths May you once again fall

My love ,death is a punishment so easy

For it gives u pain and ends u once and for all

But what I have planned for u sweetheart just like my suffering is not so small 


This is what I wish the lord wished for the both of us baby 

But we know the lines of my destiny say that all of this is meant only for me 

My heart never listened to me anyway 

all these words out of my soul I write 

but deep inside I still want u in my sight

Love a thing is complicated just like my poetry but u seem to figure it out 

So don’t listen to my cries if you hear them since they tend to get too loud 

And Even if hatred has poisoned all the plants 

Atleast I know there was once love in the garden on my heart


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