The Tale of Twist (Poetry)

Katty ryna2021/11/30 14:30

The beauty of art is in the confusion it brings lol

The Tale of Twist

The Tale of Twist 🪢

1. Twist is a Maiden,

She's noble and polite.

She's that side of you that wen rebuked,

Takes correction on what is right!

2. Twist is a baby,

She's ready to forgive.

She holds no grudge no, not at all,

For her heart is free as breeze!

3. Twist is like sad feelings,

She might not last long,

but you'd give it thoughts🤔

To get over it ,you might have toils!

4.Twist is a path,

She'll lead you to your dreams.

but the thing is she's diverse ,

and along the road it might get dark,

So tag along with your torch,

But be ready for a scourge!!

5 Twist is a chance,

you don't want her to pass.

But many a time you doubt yourself,

Can I do this? I'm not prepared!

And so she slips your tips!

6 . Twist is an adage,

you'd find her in your passage,

She's that voice that keeps you in check even,

On a rainy day when you've got no cheques!


Catherine Udoh


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