Paints2021/11/30 07:42

Let out emotions


My world is fill with lack and want
The depth of the heart requires light
But all I see is darkness
I call myself from wanting to see
If i would over come
Only if I  could be my salvation
Trying to focus yet the mind drifts
What more do I want
I just need to be close
It hurts that you are not here
You may think the sight of you would be enough
But it helps with the void I feel
The patients I thought I had
It's running low. How long do I have to wait
I just need to see that smiling face
With your glamorous eyes
Just a wave of you hands is enough
Even if it from a distance
Essentially it set my heart free
All i have of you are memories
Memories that leaves me hanging
My eyes are heavy
I don't mind seeing you in the future
I would be glad to introduce myself to you
Just know you happened to me
Even with the tears
Just know I will remember
Your name
Your smile
Your song
Your way of life...
I don't want to forget you.
I love you


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