Let's end racism

Almustapha2021/11/29 13:58

Racism is a prejudice or discrimination based upon ethnicity or skin colour. We are all created by one creator, so what is the reason for racism while God is the only one that created both dark skin and fair. I shall discuss further on racism

Let's end racism

Let's end racism

What is racism?

Racism is a prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

Reasons to End racism!

There is no place for peacefulness in a community where racists are present. Why would you show hatred to a person just for the fact that you have different complexions or ethnic group? Racism is like a bridge or pathway to failure or underdevelopment in a society, when there's absence of cooperation in a society then definitely there is no way that society will develop, and cooperation occurs when we love each other, share common experiences and being generous to each other .So therefore, there will be no cooperation if there is racism. in any place where there are different people you will observe that each person has a unique talent or skill in contrast to what another person has, when we mix different talents then we would be able to develop something reasonable and important, because one person can never be an encyclopedia, but when different ideas are gathered then something reasonable would be gotten. We can't achieve all these goals if racism lingers in a society, either because we have different complexions or ethnic groups. Being a racist is really weird,because when your racism is based on complexion, is like you think that the person you are showing racism painted himself dark paint or he made himself to be fair ,and if your racism is based on ethnic group then you think that person made himself to be in that ethnic group. It seems like racists forget that we have been created by one God, and that's how he wants it to be. In fact, God has the ability to change all things.

Benefits of stopping racism

As i said before, when there is racism there is no cooperation, these two words: "racism" and "cooperation" are against each other, they can never occur at the same time, when there's cooperation then definitely there's no racism and when there's racism then cooperation is no more. So therefore, the advantages of terminating racism are as follows:

-There will be decrease in the number of people who suffer from poverty.,this is because cooperation exists in the society.

-A society would attain higher level of development

-Existence of peacefulness.

-Easiness in solving problems that may arise among people even though they have different ethnic backgrounds or skin colour.

In conclusion, a society should try its possible best terminate racism for there own benefit, if there is already the absence of racism then by no means it should be introduced in a society. Racism makes not a society to develop, instead it kills the community. Let us be the same as one people. And once more, racism should be eradicated.


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