Diary The series of now

Kacey2021/11/23 12:40

Its the day to day look at what is happening in a fictitional characters life

The beginning of Love

At 3yrs old I lost my mother.

Would i ever know what love is?

Would i ever know what a mother is?

Would i ever be as great as she was?

Questions I asked myself as I grew but that was far from the point.

AT 4yrs old i was touched by my cousin.

It felt very inappropriate so I started to keep far from him.

He constantly tried to get me closed but I either find myself in an open area or with lots of people.

At age 8 I went home from school and low and behold he was there preying on my presence. I walked into the house thinking abt what I would do that afternoon not realizing everybody had gone out and it was the two of us there. I guess he had came to visit. Thinking back, why did he came to visit that house and he wasn't even family. Anyway, I got in very easily and took some clothes since I was still in my uniform. He sneak up behind me and forced me to closed my mouth, shut the door and raped me. Tears pitched on the mirror for I was crying and no one heard. Begging to be left alone and not to be hurt turned into begging to just be left alone.


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