From Another Time

Jaymie Suh2021/11/23 08:33

A story about two people who went back in time.

From Another Time

Blurb - From Another Time

James is a popular playboy and the leader of the band, the Idolz. He will end up in a different timeline where he will meet the woman of his dreams. But she might also become his first heartbreak since she's not what she seems.

Chloe is a 40-year-old woman who happens to be the shopkeeper. James will not even notice her during the present time. But they will replace King Yung Ho and Princess Amaya in Hanyang. The same royal couple who are about to get married.


As time goes by, James will fall deeply in love with Chloe. Only to find out that she is way too older than him at present will hold back because of their age difference. It's up to James if he will still pursue her once they get out from another time.


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