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Real Life Story

Panpuri Village

Panpuri Village

Brother and younger brother lived in the village of Panpuri.

Brother = Manik

younger brother= Pandi

Leader = Rahul

Manik and Pandi's mother and father are dead. Manik and Pandi decided to divide the property. Their assets are as follows,

1. Coconut tree

2. Cow

3. Blanket

4. T-shirt.

These are the assets of both. First they started to separate the coconut tree, the upper half "manik" and the lower half "pandi". Next the cow split the front half into "pandi" the back half into "Manik". The blanket "pandi" during the day split the "Manik" at night.

T-shirts split "pandi" at day "Manik" at night. A few days later Pandi cried and came in front of the leader, to which Rahul asked why younger was pressing, to which "Pandi" said that my elder brother had cheated on me. I pour water on the coconut tree and he easily plucks the coconut. I put the grass to the cow and he sucks the milk from the lap in the back. He gave me a blanket during the day and at night I suffer from not being able to sleep in the cold. He gives me a shirt at night and he buys it during the day. I could not walk outside during the day. I just came out with the blanket wrapped around. The leader gave an advice to Pandi to set up a fence with an iron sharp wire around the coconut tree so that he could not climb up around it. Beat the cow and chase it away. Soak the blanket in water before giving it at night. Soak the shirt in water during the day. He listened to Rahul's advice and reached home happily.



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