My missing piece

Aymen2021/11/21 23:01
My missing piece


I cut the first paper in my life yes man I'm crazy bad man living in this shity life I get depressed I had a lot scratches in my sheast

I wanna be a good man useful but I can't

I get stumble every day I draw in a big a hole no light only darkness I hear the demons laughing so hard I lose my mind I get scared I cry so much my daddy where are u I miss u every single day I remember when u have no money I say a bit of words to you I wish I never did I know is my destiny my mom told me baby don't cry your dad do everything for u and us he work every day but I'm blind I was to young to see

your picture in my wallet your spirit in my heart

I will never let you go I know I cant get escape from this life with a yollow pill ifeel all the pain inside my heart

I see a broken door between me and a shot

When I get in home in mindnight with a unbalanced mind I put my head in the pillow keep thinking is that a dream I sleep I wake up four years ago I heard my mom calling me for breakfasts I wash my face why I'm looking happy all my family around the table my dad joking about my hair I can't hold my tears i cry like a little kid

I kiss him till my mom get jealous all the pain inside steam so fast I hung him till I become breathless

He said just one thing straight up little solder

I get so confused all the world stop spinning what happens god please tell me daddy what's happening talk to me hold my hand he's smiling like a angel dady please don't leave I need you with me I can't live without you

I wake up in different empty house I screaming and running like a crazy I quake the hole universe with your precious name my mom holding me my baby breath your dad is gone a long ago but don't forget what he said to you

Rest in peace my dad


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