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Hello, I hope everyone is well. I'm going to introduce myself first. I am Sheikh Tuhin. I live in Bangladesh. I am an SSC candidate this time. My future planning I will be a freelancer. And be a doctor. This was my brief introduction, thanks.

My identity


Assalamualaikum Warhamatullah. I am Sheikh Tuhin. I am expressing my identity in brief. My family has five members. I am my siblings and my parents. I am younger than everyone in my family. I read and write. This time I will give SSC exam. But the test was not given in Corona. However, my biggest identity is that I am Bengali. The school where I study is called Tarakanda High School. It is a reputed institution in Kazipur upazila of Sirajganj district. When I was young I was not a good student so many people used to laugh at me.

I was steadfast in my path. Suddenly my intellect develops and everyone forgets about me and starts praising me. Today I am also a student of the best school of the upazila with enthusiasm. But I'm not trying as hard as I can because I can't afford it anymore because my family is financially indigent.

I worked in a garment factory at a young age to help my family a little

The question may be, then where is my elder brother and sister

Sister-in-law and brother-in-law are different.

My father is a farmer. Although he is a farmer by profession, he can't do anything at present. Even then, my father wanted to educate me. Let me tell you, my father runs a small business now

We somehow spent our days with our mother

Now come to my mother

My mother is a housewife. However, besides housework, she can also do a lot of beautiful handicrafts. My mother always encourages me to read and write well so that I can fulfill my dreams.

My dream is to be a writer and freelancer

At the moment I am connected to three social networks and in a very regular way

I make video footage. Because I believe that at some point something big might happen

My identity has been revealed in brief

I am a child of a Muslim family

Islam is my religion

Many mistakes will be seen in the eyes of forgiveness.

The picture that I have added is taken with the camera o


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