There Are Thousand Ways Of Success In Life

Lovebude2021/11/15 00:20

It has become to your mind to be succcessful man in life, wish you willing to . Let me tell you that there is thousand ways to become a successful man. Your friend can be doctor today and be succcessful tomorrow, while you may be and not succeed.

There Are Thousand Ways Of Success

There are a thousand ways of success. If we don't succeed in one way, we can just try the other way. And people can choose which way they will take to succeed. That's what I have thought for a long time. If I am not successful in my Olympiad, I thought that I can simply do my best in school performance and get to favourite university in my country. If I can't get into any university in USA this year, I can simply go into a good university in Indonesia and reapply next year.

This idea makes me always think about all the possible outcome and try to think what I should do next on each possibility. It gives me sense of security because with that, I know what I should do if I mess up. Just like what I want to do in the future. If possible, I want to make a good university that's cheap and try to increase its quality to the point it can be compared with any other foreign universities.

Still, not all dreams can be realized. That's why I also think to build a research centre that's not only do research on chemistry, but also biology, physics, psychology, and the inter-discipline. And I have another plan if that fails too. I will always search for alternative to my dream. Even if I can't realize my dream, I'm willing to compromise; because my ultimate goal is to help Indonesia. And I won't compromise with that goal. But I know that everyone can't do that. Some are not as gifted as I am, thus they don't have many choices. Still, if they believe that they have another choice and don't give up, they can do better because they don't have to constantly worry about what will happen to them if they fail.

This is also happened in business,A may succeed in one business that doesn't mean B should succeed. You have to think and discover yourself , that is main things do before you start any business or anything else.


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