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Back in secondary school , I was very poor in maths.

During exams, I’d get between 2% and 8% . The results used to

be announced sequentially, that is from the lowest to the highest

marks. So I would always be the first or second to be called out

and flogged.

One day, the maths results were announced and my name

wasn’t among the first to be called out.

The teacher got to 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 70%, still my paper

had not been called out.

Everyone in the class kept looking at me asking,

“FAO what’s up? How did you pass this exam?”

i smile and said ... "Well, na God o"


By the time the teacher got to 80%, I was already grinning in


When he got to 90%, he had only one paper remaining. I then

asked myself , could I have scored 90% in maths ? I was feeling

very anxious and happy now. It was obvious my dreams and

prayers have

been answered.

The whole class was amazed as everyone kept looking at me. It

was unbelievable.

Finally the teacher looked up and said ,




one idiot did not write his name on his paper and he scored 0%.

I just fainted.............

Nobody should wake me ooooo

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